A New Dawn In Online Television

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With around 600,000 subscribers, Television.IM is the hub and online video engine for a number of online video magazines, including video magazines for Counties, cities, districts and boroughs. At the Television.IM Video Magazine, Television meets IM (Instant Messaging) to harness the power of Online TV and the extra dimension given by IM via text, audio or video

Video adds a different dimension to featuring products and Television.IM also features product videos. With 3 out of every 4 video views now taking place outside of YouTube, it is more important than ever for organizations to set up their own video marketing campaigns. Online Video magazines can be a big help here, by focusing product videos at a branded centralized point.

Videos stand out on the Internet, giving a quick and easily understood overview of a product without being overwhelming. In less than thirty seconds, relevant information can be provided, through a short, visually appealing video.

Television.IM Regional Sites
TV content for the Television.IM Regional TV sites network is provided by Regional TV operators. Presents.Site is an integral Part of all Television.IM Regional TV web sites in the network to help users of the sites access Presents and Gifts online.


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