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Boxing Techniques

To succeed in boxing, you need to have good coaching, you need to train hard, but you also need to study your sport.

 Combination punching is an important part of your boxing repertoire. The more punches you throw the more likely you are to land at least one.  You must also remember however, that the more punches you throw, the more you are committing yourself and as such the chances of your being hit by counter punches are greater.

 Classic combination punches, include the left jab followed by the right cross, (the one-two).  Short range combinations include the right upper cut and left hook known at the up and under or the reverse variation of the left upper cut and the right hook.  The one-two followed by the left hook is also a popular combination that ensures you end up with your lead hand forward meaning that you are less compromised.  The hands are reversed for southpaws. Hooking off the jab with the same hand also works well for many boxers.

 Feinting can also be a very useful technique. When you feint, you pretend to throw a punch without actually doing so. When effectively done, this can get your opponent confused, and unsure when you are actually going to punch, and give you a greater chance of landing your punches when you do throw them.