Tearfund Videos - 2
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  • 00:43 Tearfund Scotland celebrates our Scottish volunteers

    Tearfund Scotland celebrates our Scottish volunteers

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    Thank you to all our Scottish volunteers, who walk, run, cycle, climb or serve in many other different ways. If you would like to find out how you can start fundraising for Tearfund, contact the Scotland office on 0141 332 3621 or email scotland@tearfund.

  • 01:11 South Sudan - Thank you

    South Sudan - Thank you

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    Find out where your money is being spent in South Sudan.

  • 02:54 No Child Taken (with subtitles)

    No Child Taken (with subtitles)

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  • 02:54 No Child Taken

    No Child Taken

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  • 00:55 Iraq Crisis Appeal

    Iraq Crisis Appeal

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    Tearfund launches an appeal for Iraq. You can give to help those in desperate need of help at www.tearfund.org/Iraq.

  • 01:33 Tearfund Iraq Update

    Tearfund Iraq Update

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  • 01:26 Momentum 2014 Sack Race

    Momentum 2014 Sack Race

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    They've been to Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Cambodia, Tanzania and more. Now our volunteers are bringing their skills back to the green fields of Shepton Mallet.Presenting the very first debrief sack race!Find out more about volunteering with Tearfund:

  • 02:26 Tearfund Gap Year

    Tearfund Gap Year

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    Ready for a gap year? Head overseas to Brazil, Cambodia, Peru, Malawi, South Africa or Tanzania for a six month adventure of a lifetime. www.tearfund.org/gapyear

  • 04:00 Scotland Syria Appeal 2014

    Scotland Syria Appeal 2014

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    This Christmas, Tearfund Scotland have launched an appeal to help Syrian refugees: http://www.tearfund.org/scotlandsyria

  • 19:13 Tearfund's Katie Harrison about aid workers

    Tearfund's Katie Harrison about aid workers

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    BBC1 Sunday Morning Live interviews Tearfund's Katie Harrison about aid workers Sunday 21 Sept 2014

  • 00:46 Tom Herbert: Baking Inspiration

    Tom Herbert: Baking Inspiration

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    What inspired you to start baking?

  • 00:43 Tom Herbert:  Welcome to Hobbs House

    Tom Herbert: Welcome to Hobbs House

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    Tom Herbert joins us for the first of several videos in this series on baking and introduces to his home Hobbs House Bakery!