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  • 20:00 Lusaka - Zambia

    Lusaka - Zambia

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  • 04:53 Luxury and beauty of Zambia

    Luxury and beauty of Zambia

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    Away Luxury Holiday's:

  • 00:43 Protea Hotel Chipata,

    Protea Hotel Chipata,

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  • 00:53 Protea Hotel Livingstone

    Protea Hotel Livingstone

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  • 00:58 Protea Hotel Lusaka, Zambia

    Protea Hotel Lusaka, Zambia

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  • 01:53 The Royal Livingstone Hotel In Zambia

    The Royal Livingstone Hotel In Zambia

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    The 5-star Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia should be experienced by everyone at least once in a lifetime. The famous sundeck attracts people the world over...

  • 05:49 Travel to Zambia

    Travel to Zambia

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    If youre looking for an escape, a breakaway from the busy city life then consider visiting Zambia. In and amongst all the fun activities on offer, you can choose to journey into the African bush on board an elephant, walk marvel at the beauty of The Victo

  • 11:31 Zambia: gearing up for trade

    Zambia: gearing up for trade

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    Through this NORAD funded project Zambia is assisted firstly, in reviewing the overall National Quality Infrastructure (NQI), including the related legislation. Secondly, the upgrading of facilities of the NQI institutions such as the Zambia Bureau of Sta