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http://parentingteenagersacademy.com - Are you having problems with your teen?Are you frustrated with the amount of money it costs to get help? Confused because you don't know how to handle the situation? Do you constantly wonder if your teenager's behavior is normal? Are you worried your teenager won't become a successful adult? Is your teenager a "good kid" but for some reason having problems?Do you feel guilty that you are not doing enough as a parent?What if there was a way for you to help your teenager without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on therapy, counseling, coaching, & boot camps?Dear Parent,My name is Sergio DiazGranados and as an ex-troubled teenager, I know EXACTLY what your teenager is going through and what parents are doing wrong. I was one of those kids where parents would say, "He's so smart and such a good boy I don't understand what is going on". Sound familiar?Between the ages of 12 - 16, I went through it all: I was angry, depressed, ran away from home, did drugs, defiant, overweight, lacked motivation, stole things, and so on. But at the age of 16 something happened that will have changed the rest of my life: I discovered my passion that was producing rave events. Because I finally had something "constructive" rather than "destructive" to put my energy into, I started to change my life around and became more responsible and healthy.Because I changed my life around, I became the "responsible one" and many teenagers came to me for help with their lives. It was during this time where I worked intimately with thousands of teenagers and started to understand why so many of them were having problems at home. What I saw was a common theme: "How" parents are engaging their teenagers is what is taking a "challenging situation" and turning it into a "problem". You see, what most parents fail to realize is that all kids are going to be facing difficult circumstances with their lives because they are just starting to figure out who they are, what they want, how to solve their problems, and how to deal with their emotions. But when parents don't know "how" to support them, this is what sends kids in a downward spiral.Because I loved helping people, when I left the rave scene I went on to become a life coach. It was during this time that I noticed how so many "adults" struggle with their lives in the same way teenagers do. Whether it was their career, relationships, love life, money, or health, so many adults are having a hard time because they lack the proper life skills. I also had the great fortune of publishing a magazine for one of the largest personal development companies called Gaiam who work with self-help gurus like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor of "The Secret", Dr. Judith Orloff, and many others. What I learned is that the self-help genre is a billion dollar industry dedicated to helping people create the life they want.Then it hit me: "What if we teach these same tools and techniques to teenagers so that they don't have to have a mid-life crises and end up in therapy like so many adults have?" So I went on to launch the Teen Support Institute in Los Angeles where I dedicated my life coaching practice to working with teenagers. While helping hundreds of teenagers, many parents would address their concerns about how expensive it is for them to get "outside" help for their child. What dawned on me is this: All parents can coach and counsel their teenager if they just learned some simple techniques that we both use. Also, if parents just understood why their teenager behaves the way they do, then they would be able to handle the situation effectively.So I set out to launch the most comprehensive online course called The Neutral Parenting Formula: A Blueprint For Raising Successful Teenagers that would teach parents how to handle tough situations like:AngerBeing CoolBullyingCareerCommunicationConflictDatingDepressionDrugsLyingMotivationPartyingRebellionSexSchoolTechnology Addiction& Much moreTo download a free sample of the course and see if it is right for you, visit the link below. Oh, and we offer a 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!http://parentingteenagersacademy.com

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