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Living For The City - Stevie Wonder

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Living For The City (1973) - Stevie Wonder. Lyrics: A boy is born in hard time MississippiSurrounded by four walls that ain't so prettyHis parents give him love and affectionTo keep him strong moving in the right directionLiving just enough, just enough for the city...ee ha!His father works some days for fourteen hoursAnd you can bet he barely makes a dollarHis mother goes to scrub the floors for manyAnd you'd best believe she hardly gets a pennyLiving just enough, just enough for the city... yeah!His sister's black but she is sho'nuff prettyHer skirt is short but Lord her legs are sturdyTo walk to school she's got to get up earlyHer clothes are old but never are they dirtyLiving just enough, just enough for the city...um humHer brother's smart he's got more sense than manyHis patience's long but soon he won't have anyTo find a job is like a haystack needleCause where he lives they don't use colored peopleLiving just enough, just enough for the city...Living just enough...For the city... ooh, ooh(Repeat several times)(spoken)bus for new york city- hey busdriver Im getting on there hold it - thanks a lot- wow- new york- just like I pictured it-skyscrapers-and everythang- pssst hey hey brother hey comere slick - hey you look hip man- you wanna make yourself five bucks- yea brother i aint scared- look here run this across the street for me right quick alrite up against that GD car lets go "huh?"keep your hands up! I didnt know-i was just going across the street! shut your mouth! what'd i do? turn around turn around put your hands behind your back lets go lets go!the jury of your peers having found you guilty- 10 years! what? c'mon get in the cell niggerHis hair is long, his feet are hard and grittyHe spends his life walking the streets of New York CityHe's almost dead from breathing in air pollutionHe tried to vote but to him there's no solutionLiving just enough, just enough for the city...yeah, yeah, yeah!I hope you hear inside my voice of sorrowAnd that it motivates you to make a better tomorrowThis place is cruel no where could be much colderIf we don't change the world will soon be overLiving just enough, stop giving just enough for the city!!!!La, La, La, La, La, La,Da Ba Da Da Da Da Da DaDa Da Da Da Da DaDa Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da(Repeat to end)

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